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Oak Roofing has been successfully renewing and repairing roofs in the South East London area for more than twenty years. Oak Roofing has gone from strength to strength. Their customers have realised that what they say in their advertisements is true - about the quality of the work and the quick and efficient manner in which it is carried out. Many are truly delighted with the work and recommend Oak Roofing to friends and relations so much that 90% of their work is repeat business or customer recommendation.
Many of Oak Roofing's customers say that they are wary and find it difficult to obtain the services of a trustworthy roofing contractor and were relieved to have found Oak Roofing Services.
"Bearing in mind the great investments that are sometimes involved in roofing work, it is of the utmost importance that they are catered for by qualified specialists who are highly trained," explains David Cowley, proprietor.
Oak Roofing is a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors which has members nationwide.
Oak Roofing has branches in Lewisham, Croydon and Orpington although the main administration duties are carried out at our Orpington office. Oak Roofing has successfully completed large re-roofing contracts to minor roofing repairs all over South East England.
Over the years there have been many technical developments in roofing standards and materials. In particular, felt roofing has made major advances. We are now able to supply and fix high performance felts which will last at least 30 years as opposed to the traditional felts with the life expectancy of some 10 years. We now find ourselves as the Number One installers of domestic high performance felt roofs. 
You may have seen Henry Cooper advertising one of these products, Ruberoid, on television. This has been of benefil to the consumer and us as roofing contractors, to bring to the attention of the public that a better product is available, although this new material is more expensive, Oak Roofing is installing these products at a cost equal to and sometimes less than that of other contractors installing the substandard materials, hence we are doing very well in this area.
"There has never been a better time to have roofing work carried out," says David Cowley, proprietor of Oak Roofing. Many firms are competing for your business, but beware of the cowboy. Oak Roofing is offering the highest standard of work at affordable prices. As for the future, a number of our workforce have been with us for many years. In spite of this, both management and operatives still attend various training courses to catch up on new techniques, products and materials. We like to think that we are fully prepared for the 2l st Century with the latest technology combined with personal old fashioned service.
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The heading to this article may come as a surprise to those who avidly watch TV consumer programmes which thunder, quite rightfully and helpfully, dire warnings against 'cowboy' operators in the construction industry. However, as far as roofing work is concerned, there are some consumer safeguards in place.
Good advice to anyone planning to roof or re-roof a building, whether it is a major project or a private house, is 'look for the NFRC badge'. The National Federation of Roofing Contractors was established one hundred years ago this year, through its country wide membership, sets the standards and provides the safeguards that help to guarantee good workmanship in this vital area of the construction industry.
Whilst it is generally true that 'you get what you pay for' in this life, it is also sadly true that many thousands of people every year get far less than that which they believed they were paying for when entering into a contract for building work. Whilst householders are an easier target for lazy, inefficient or dishonest tradesmen, companies can also be caught out.
Promises of good workmanship, the use of high quality materials and conformity with building regulations, British Standards, codes of practice etc., are easily made by contractors chasing their next job. Yet how many householders having a roof repaired, renewed or extended, or managers seeking quotations for the repair of the company's roof are qualified, or have the time, to ensure that the roofing contractor is delivering what he promised in materials and quality of workmanship once the work is under way? The answer must be very few indeed.
As far as roofing work is concerned there is, fortunately, a way round this dilemma that works equally well for the householder, a private company or the local authority.
Roofing 'badge' of reliability
The 'badge' to look for, in advertisements in the local paper or in the yellow pages, and on contractors' letter headings, literature, vehicles and tenders is that of the NFRC. Around 650 roofing contractors and close on 70 roofing materials manufacturers are members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. They clearly find it worthwhile to belong to an organisation that has been promoting higher standards of workmanship for over 100 years, but what are the advantages for the roofing contractors' clients?
Membership of the federation is open to contractors, large or small, who qualify by having been well established for a number of years, by their reputation and by the quality of their work. All companies are carefully screened before they are accepted into membership. As federation members they are committed to technical competence, reliability and fair dealing.
Training at all levels, from roofing techniques to managerial skills, is an important part of the service that the federation provides to its members. Well-trained staff serve the contractors customers more efficiently and the finished roof whether pitched or flat, large or small, is less likely to develop defects in the future. In the few cases where the client and the contractor do disagree over the finished contract, the federation will provide independent arbitration arrangements to assist in reaching an equitable solution. The NFRC has recently launched its code of conduct to members who by signing up for it become registered contractors and pledge to conduct their work according to the strict guidelines.
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We have branches in Orpington, Lewisham, Croydon and Clapham, working with customers across South London, Kent and Surrey.
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